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TAG Talks: GOLD... Is it the safe investment you think it is?

 As we march towards another presidential election cycle, and exist in perceived uncertain times, the “Gold bug” mindset has risen in popularity again as folks are bombarded by advocates for the lustrous yellow metal. Gold has been incredibly important to societies worldwide for over a millennium, and today we will talk through a bit of the history as well practical considerations for and against owning gold.  
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TAG Talks: Is A.I. Coming For Our Jobs or Making Us Better At Them?

 Pardon the mild clickbait title of this blog, but within it are two questions often asked about Artificial Intelligence. As a buzz term, “A.I.” means a variety of different things to different people. To some, A.I. is the bringer of the end times and a danger to the human race, while more opportunistic Generation Z individuals have embraced A.I. as a helpful tool for doing homework. Through the uncertainty of what A.I. really is and what it can become to society, I would like t
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TAG Talks: Understanding High Bank CD Rates – The American Consumer

The Fed Funds Rate Is the Backbone of Bank Lending/BorrowingThe U.S. Federal Reserve (we’ll call it “the Fed”) is tasked with the dual mandate of achieving stable prices and to maximize employment. When necessary, the Fed manipulates The Federal Funds Rate as well as the money supply to find the right balance between those two goals. The Federal Funds Rate is the benchmark that commercial banks use to lend their excess reserves to each other on an overnight basis.We have had re
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TAG Talks: A Guide to Debt Ceiling Negotiations

Written by Dan Rodbell, Director of Investment Strategy In this month’s market commentary, we’ll be discussing the current debt ceiling standoff. With more of a commentary touch on the political intrigue involved, we’ll cover the potential outcomes of whether or not we raise the debt ceiling before a default occurs. We believe this topic merits a discussion because the outcome has the  potential to drastically impact the health of the United States’ economy as well as
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